Incentives Database
The most comprehensive source for all renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives is found at You can find all State and Federal incentives, by Residential and Commercial installations.

Federal Incentives
30% Federal Investment Tax Credit on any solar electric and/or small wind system is renewed for 2017!

If you buy a $20,000 system (installation included), you can deduct $6000 from the bottom line of your income tax liability. Use IRS Form 5695 to itemize your purchase.

Businesses are able to accelerate depreciation in addition to the 30% tax credit.

Federal REAP Program
Certain incentives still available until December 31, 2018 under the Federal REAP program.

Wyoming Incentives
All Wyoming utilities must offer interconnection to their grids and must give credit to their customers for excess electricity generated. Each utility has its own reimbursement schedule. For instance, Rocky Mountain Power gives kilowatt-hour credits each month you produce excess electricity. Those credits are applied to future months’ electric usage. If you have a kilowatt-hour credit balance as of your December bill, Rocky Mountain Power will then give a cash credit equal to its avoided cost (less than retail). You then begin to accumulate kilowatt-hour credits again.